Inception to Impact
I love planning and designing
interface that impacts on goal.


A multidisciplinary Graphic Designer, specializing in Product Design with more than 10 years of work experience. Co-founded an advertising technology startup in 2009 at Dhaka, Bangladesh that was acquired in 2015. Passionate about simplifying the complex requirements and delivering great project plans for better user experience.

Product Design

In the last 10 years, I've spent most of my time planning and designing products where my daily job is to see how customers are interacting and improve the experiences that impact on business goals.

Print Design

In the early days of my career, everything I designed went for printing, often on newspaper or magazine. I had to learn it in a hard way as print designs are tricky and impact directly on the cost and experience.

Type Design

At the beginning, I always wanted to be a full time type designer. But that day is yet to come. Meanwhile I’ve designed and developed some Bangla fonts and one of them is widely used and quite popular.


Starting from 2001, I’m designing visual elements for people known and unknown to me, for small and large organizations or often only for me. In this journey I’ve designed hundreds of elements and still keep millions of idea in my head.



An ad technology platform I co-founded back in 2009 and it was acquired in 2015

Color Talking

Color Talking

A startup I co-founded to try ideas with an aim to transform them to business.

Lekhok Keyboard

Lekhok Keyboard

A brand new keyboard designed by me to type Bangla on smartphones.

Robi Bangla Font

Axiata Bangla, a Font Family

Co-designed and developed a unique Bangla type font for Robi Axiata.


A cloud based business I've designed to make local business Digital


Website Design


A next generation blogging platform I've designed for Bangla writers


Before becoming a designer, I had many random thoughts about my future. Once I wanted to be a journalist or more precisely a writer. I’ve studied Zoology for one year and also tried to become a pilot after my college education. Below are some key events of my life. I love to recall my pasts as most of the time they inspire me to go ahead.

  • Childhood

    A rainy day in early 80s

    Born in Rangpur

    I came to this universe as the 3rd child of my parents. All I can remember about my early childhood are the changes of nature - rain and winter and the wide landscape where sky was only at the end.

    When I try to drill down the memories, I can remember some peculiar noises, supernatural fragrances and surrealistic snapshots. I hope one day I can create a visual representation.

  • School

    1987 ~ 1997

    School education

    I hardly can remember anything about my early days at school as I started bit early. My first school was at Rangpur which actually had no proper classrooms. In 1990 our family moved to Lakshmipur, a southern district of the country - to our ancestors’ native place.

    In 1993, I was sent to Dhaka for better education and in next 4 years I’ve completed the school education from Tejgaon Govt. High School.

  • College

    1997 ~ 2000

    College education and the age of confusions

    The most important but confusing part of my life. I made a very bad result in the final exam of college and it was the biggest turning point of my life.

    I started learning the hardest lessons of my life - how to make money and how to take responsibilities of mine and my family. The finest experience of this time was to work as a radio reporter and voice artist for few months.

  • University

    2001 ~ 2010

    University of Dhaka

    How I got into there was a big story. So far the best part of my life. The vast campus inspired me to think big about my life, take bigger risks and accept the failures. The sketchbooks of this time were full of ideas - fresh and spontaneous.

    I’ve completed BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts) and MFA (Master of Fine Arts) majoring Graphic Design from Faculty of Fine Art, University of Dhaka.

  • Globekids

    2002 ~ 2003

    Animator at Globekids

    The plan was to become a ‘world class animator’ though I didn’t know what that exactly mean. The beginning of my formal career which unfortunately hadn’t a happy ending. Not too long but very precious.

    I’ve learnt the production lifecycle of an animated movie, got training for frame by frame drawing. I was really good at preparing storyboards and writing x-sheets.

  • Bull's-Eye

    2003 ~ 2005

    Graphic Designer at Bull’s-Eye

    The first step of becoming a professional designer. The starting was really challenging. I had very limited knowledge about any designing software such as Photoshop or Illustrator. Often I had to call my friends to get guidances how to draw a curve line on Illustrator. As I had a practice of preparing the design plan on paper, it didn't take too long to contribute the production line.

    Bull’s-Eye was a creative studio dedicated to print designs. I got chances to design from simple button size newspaper ads to complex few hundreds page corporate annual reports.

    I had an imagination that building a website
  • eBizzSol

    2005 ~ 2010

    UI Designer at eBizzSol

    When I joined eBizzSol, I hardly have any idea about UI or the web technology. I treated my first UI design project just like a leaflet and somehow it changed my life.

    The 5 years at eBizzSol was the most valuable time in building my career. I jumped into many things and learnt the internet business in different ways. I got connected to many great personalities who also helped me to move forward.

  • G&R

    2009 ~ 2019

    Co-founded G&R

    It was like a fairy tale but the journey was like a roller coaster ride - an unpredictable, frightening but exciting experience.

    All through this journey I’ve played different roles at G&R. The starting was as the Art Director. In between I also acted as Product Director, Chief Operating Officer, Chief Product Officer and lastly as the Chief Executive Officer.

    G&R was featured on the Wall of Startups at Google I/O 2014. In 2015 G&R was acquired by Genex, a local BPO company that went to public in September 2018.

    After spending 3,348 days at G&R, I left the company - my second home for pursuing bit more challenges.

    There is a story from 2014 where I describe how we started G&R.

  • Color Talking

    2011 ~ Present

    Co-founded Color Talking

    As ideas keep popping in my head and after a certain period I gained the courage to develop few of them. To keep the motivation up, I with some like minded friends and family founded Color Talking.

    Though now we know what we’re doing but the basic idea was not to set any goal for this company and keep it as a project to test a variety of online products with the aim to graduate them to real businesses.

  • G&R

    2019 ~ Present

    Head of Product Design @ Deligram

    We’re building the future, today! Deligram is a technology enabled retail company that is addressing the challenges around shopping online and offline. With design-first approach, we’re listening to our users and trying to understand their pains.

    We designers are trained to navigate ambiguity and make predictions when data cannot provide clear answers for the right paths.

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    Everything happens for a reason and we only realize after it becomes past. I love to remember my past to realize the purpose.

    It’s a journey and new stories are adding to my life everyday. Sometime I used to write about those stories and you can find it here.